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Wheel Removal
Customers often lose the keys to their custom tuner lugs. Maybe they bought a car and didn't get a key, or maybe the key was lost during a standard maintenance interval. Just think if a regular customer's car is towed to your shop for a simple flat and he has somehow lost his tuner key to his new wheels. Will you have to send him somewhere else? Worse yet, what if he has come back to buy tires from you with his new set of wheels and he doesn't have his tuner key in the glove box? How about a simple brake job? Time and money is lost, and in today's business environment you don't want to send him to someone else who has The Master Key Generation II system.

Stop the Madness!
Be the one in your town that all the other tire stores say "Go to Johnny's" or "Go to Tommy's". With The Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit you will always be able to take care of your customer without drilling, hammering, or torquing. You've made a sale, you look professional, and your customer will leave with a smile on his face, ready to give you a good referral!

The Master Key Generation II Tuner Kit
The Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit, sold exclusively by TunerKey.com, contains all 22 styles and designs of tuner lugs. This kit is not to be confused with a wheel lock removal kit, but it is the system to remove the special or custom wheels that were installed with aftermarket tuner lugs. Sometimes you will get a vehicle that every lug is a tuner lug, and other times you may have a vehicle come in that the tuner lugs are used as locks, where there may only be 1 tuner lug per wheel. The double stack Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit makes it easy to always have an extra key available for your customer to purchase, or if one should become lost or damaged. You have the extra available for new business that comes in while you order the new replacement. It is always better to be prepared than miss out on business when it drives up. Replacement keys available.
Master Key Generation II Tuner Key Kit

Master Key Tuner Kit
2 Sets of Master Keys (2-Stack Set)

22 Tuner Lug Removal Keys